Apr 15, 2007

Premium Posts

A weekly feature in which I link the most intriguing blog posts I came across this week. Part roundup, part link love, with the ultimate goal to simply increase awareness of the work of some excellent bloggers I have met.

David Niewert addresses the parallels during the Second World War and the Iraq War with regard to the U.S. goverment's disregard for individual rights. Liberal Dem has some great pictures of spring arriving at the Toledo Botanical Gardens.

Valbee adds her thoughts about yesterday's snowed-out Mud Hens game, while Screaming Nutcase weighs the value of a shotgun as a self-defense weapon. Subcomandante Bob brings us the heartwarming (or is it heartworming) tale of the new Canine Crusade for Christ ministry.

Historychic rants about boors who pester her about having children. Nicole Nichols has an excellent essay debunking neo-Nazi Bill White's failed attempt to hold Cincinnati hostage.

Microdot offers some delicious suggestions on Boeuf aux Carrotes, complete with an appetizing photo. Finally, Lisa Renee's husband Miguel gets a photo picked up by WTOD's website. Congratulations!

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Anonymous said...

You commie scum antiracists are traitors to your race.

historymike said...

Wow. "Commie scum." I am really, really, crushed by your epithet.

Now be a good little Nazi and return to work release or the mental institution from which you escaped.

microdot said...

My brother in law once called me a commie scum during a discussion of 9/11. I was analyzing the events leading up to it.
He has since apologized and said he was starting to agree with me.
Thanks for the link, I don'tt know if it was you, but I have had the biggest traffic day in my blogs' short klife span!
I can't tell where the hits came from because blogpatrol is still broken!