Apr 23, 2007

Premium Posts

A weekly feature in which I link the most intriguing blog posts I came across this week. Part roundup, part link love, with the ultimate goal to simply increase awareness of the work of some excellent bloggers I have met.

Humboldt'sClio rants about the phenomena of teens, cell phones, and global priorities that is sure to spark debate. Liberal Dem made the sad announcement that he is taking a break, perhaps permanently, from blogging. This is a definite loss to the Toledo blogging community, and I hope that he returns.

Hooda Thunkit is still hammering away about Toledo's trash fee scandal. Historychic has a lengthy article on Jewish Physicians in the Holocaust that highlights a little known facet of European history.

Microdot discusses the French prohibition against political ads in the hours before an election, while taking us on a picturesque tour through the countryside near Badefols d'Ans. Finally, Lisa Renee wonders why there is a massive bee die-off around the globe, and offers informative links to the potentially catastrophic environmental change.

Got a post you'd like to recommend? Email me at mbrooks AT utnet DOT utoledo DOT edu.


Historychic said...

Thanks for the mention once again.

Hooda Thunkit said...
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Hooda Thunkit said...
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Hooda Thunkit said...


Thanks from me too!

And just when I was starting to slack off a bit too ;-)

Sometimes it helps to proof read before sending something too soon ;-]

microdot said...

Thanks for the nice mention, Mike!

I'm working this week on another house...and trying to find time to write because next week I have to take a week off to go to Libourne and work for the Chateau Vieux Chevrols.
It's an emergency because the weather is so hot! All the grape vines are flowering earlier than normal this year! The workers that do the Vendenge Vert...cutting off the excess flowers, are not going to be there, so I got a call!
I am going to take a camera and document the process. I think I will take a few bottles of 2005 Lalande Pomerol as part of the payment. 2005 is so far reputed to be the wine of the century and will go on sale this year.