Apr 30, 2007

Premium Posts

A weekly feature in which I link the most intriguing blog posts I came across this week. Part roundup, part link love, with the ultimate goal to simply increase awareness of the work of some excellent bloggers I have met.

ValBee has a lengthy rant about lunkheaded neighbors with loud music and a poor grasp of what it means to be a neighbor. Mike's Points has a thoughtful post on the ethics of photojournalism that is worth a read if you publish photography.

Humboldt'sClio has an intriguing post about the cultural diffusion of American fast food around the globe. New historian-blogger FrontierGhost has a review of Trails: Toward a New Western History for those of you who get bored reading my European and Asian book reviews.

Matt Sussman at the Futon Report provides a wry commentary about the phenomenal 2007 start of Alex Rodriguez in light of the regular dissing A-Rod receives from the New York media and some of his teammates. Finally, Lisa Renee weighs in on the Democratic debate last week.

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Suss said...

Who says I wasn't serious?