Apr 28, 2007

The Who - My Generation


This clip is from a 1967 appearance by The Who on, of all places, the Smothers Brothers Show. Those of you who have seen the Who documentary The Kids Are Alright are familiar with this epic rendition of "My Generation."

During this performance, drummer Keith Moon detonated explosives in his drum kit near the end of the song. Unbeknownst to the rest of the band, though, Moon apparently packed an outrageous amount of gunpowder; watch the end of the video as a deafened Pete Townshend is trying to put out his hair, which caught fire.

Moon also received a serious gash on his arm from cymbal shrapnel.

The audience thought the bit was staged, but Tommy Smothers reportedly was quite agitated that The Who deliberately screwed with him during the interview and deviated in almost every imaginable way from the show's script.


microdot said...

Merci Monsieur Mike...demonstrates inarguably why the Who set the bar for rock attitude...it ain't the notes you play, it isn't the level of technical perfection, it's all about attitude and passion!
Is there anyone out there who remembers seeing the Who at Southfield High School(Southfield, Michigan) in 1966? I saw that performance, a young entrepreneur whose name escapes me, actually was able to book his high school auditorium and get the Who to play a concert there. The place was packed and predictably, the Southfield Fire Department was called to evacuate the place after the explosive finale to the show!
Gibson must have love Townshend then, he was one of their best repeat customers!
When I get back from my enforced blog break this week, I want to find video of Iggy Pop on his 60th Birthday stage diving...I saw photos, but I think there is a video...Now there is a fellow who has learned to live without any reference to real time.

historymike said...

I was too young to remember, let alone attend, that gig, microdot.

The only time I saw The Who live was in 1982 at the Pontiac Silverdome, on the It's Hard tour.

Although this was a crassly commercial concert (Schlitz sponsored the tour - blech!), the show was noteworthy for the appearance of The Clash as an opening act.

Were it not for the fact that we had to also listen to Eddie Money grunt for 45 minutes, it would have been one of my Top 5 concerts of all time.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Neither of the Smothers Brothers have any reason to get hacked off about this.

As I recall, this kind of thumbing their noses at "The Man" was nothing strange to them.