Apr 16, 2007


Left: Injured occupants carried out of Norris Hall at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, courtesy of AP

(Blacksburg, VA) A colleague paused to inform me a few minutes ago of the shooting rampage at Virginia Tech, and I - like every sentient being - am shocked at what transpired. Buried in research for some writing projects, I was oblivious to the horrors of this rampage. At this writing there are at least 32 people dead and dozens more injured in what is the deadliest shooting spree in American history.

And all I can do is ask the question I posted above: WHY?

Actually, my first thoughts, edited for readers, was something along the lines of "what the f**k?!?!?!" I sit at my desk, thankful on one hand that my immediate family and friends are safe, but profoundly disturbed that some twisted son of a bitch could take out his demented angst on innocent people.



Anonymous said...

God. All I can say is "Oh my God."

MP said...

Upon doing some legal research, I found that one William Charles Morva, quite probably the suspect police sought in the shooting, has 24 prior convictions in the State of Virginia, for offenses ranging from robbery, assault and battery, and escape by force from prison while awaiting trial.

I truly apologize that these facts will only add a deafening resonance to your initial "WHY?!"

Unfortunately, I couldn't answer that question if I thought about it for the rest of my life. It is increasingly scary for me, even though I am at Northern Illinois's law school. Here, the mentally ill homeless inexplicably wander our halls.

One was arrested several weeks ago for threatening students.

What in the hell is going on?

kooz said...

I'll take a shot at answering your question of why...

Because America has turned into a Godless society that tolerates a judicial system that protects criminals and disregards victims.

We are a nation that no longer values life...abortions, assisted suicides, glamorization of death in every aspect of our culture and entertainment...

If we are honest with ourselves...Should we really be surprised about what happened today.

MP said...

Thank you, Gerry fucking Falwell, AKA Kooz.

Gosh, thanks again for making everyone feel so much better.

Say, isn't Falwell's Liberty University located in Virginia?

Kooz Falwell said...

MP...obviously with your language you do not attend Jerry Falwell University.

That being said...History Mike asked why? He didn't ask for a bunch of repetitive comments about praying for the victims. He didn't ask us to ask why. He didn't ask for us to say "What a tragedy."

History Mike asked a question...and I gave an answer (which is my opinion).

You may scoff at Jerry Falwell...but if this shooter followed the same faith as Falwell we wouldn't be talking about such a tragedy as happened today.

historymike said...


Days like these try the faith of even steadfast believers. I think the question "WHY" is unanswerable, at least beyond the facts about the shooter.

mist1 said...

I was up to my ears in something that seemed really important (like whether or not I liked my new pedicure) when my friend called me with the news. And just like that, I was reminded of how shallow I am and how insignificant my toe nails are.

My heart goes out to the families touched by the day's events.

microdot said...

If what kooz has said has bearing on reality, then incidents like Columbine and yesterdays tragedy should be occuring in all the godless liberal societies all over the world.
This is really a distinctively American syndrome and the rest of Europe is watching in horror.
Saying idiotic things like it is gods wrath for our ungodly society is part of the culture that inspires this kind of intolerant psychotic mindset.
The inflexible intorlerant judgemntal mentaliity we have on the loose here in America has produced a nation full of psychopathic personalities who feel persecuted and helpless enough to be driven to commit attrocities like this.
I fully expect, as after most tradegies that have occurred in America to hear Mr. Fallwell and Mr. Robertson make there pronouncements from on high blaming this on gods wrath because we don't do as they interpret gods will.

Dariush said...

kooz: "We are a nation that no longer values life...abortions, assisted suicides, glamorization of death in every aspect of our culture and entertainment..."

Of course, kooz, you're absolutely right.

However the Calvinist/Peckerwood/Murrccn "Judeo-Christian" God does encourage glamorization of mass murder and death in many other aspects of "our" culture, does he not?

Dariush said...

Larry Johnson's post over at No Quarter, "Now Do You Understand?", is worth reading.

No additional comments necessary.

The Screaming Nutcase said...

Good catch, Dariush. It's weird to think how lucky we are that these events are rare enough to shock us.

Anonymous said...

the question shouldn't be "why did this happen?", but "why doesn't this happen more often?"

only by asking this question will our society be able to understand and prevent this kind of behavior.

speaking of society—it's not because the "godless" society or any of that rubbish. it's because the shooter wasn't properly socialized. he wasn't societized enough!!