May 26, 2007

Confusing Road Sign

(Toledo, OH) This sign can be found at the five-way intersection of Tremainsville Road, Sylvania Avenue, and Jackman Road in West Toledo. For those familiar with the neighborhood, the sign makes sense, but I would imagine that a luggage-laden traveler who came upon this sign for the first time might be confused.

The sign looks more like a diagrammed football play than a traffic control device. Feel free to provide a caption or an alternate simile for this sign in the comments section.


John Spalding said...

OMG, That is too funny. That is a pretty confusing intersection.

Valbee said...

Heck, I *am* familiar with the neighborhood and that sign doesn't make sense to me. What was your position when you took the photo?

Valbee said...

Never mind, I think I figured it out. You must have been standing on Tremainsville. The sharp right would be Sylvania, the mild right would be Jackman; the sharp left would be Jackman and the other two mild lefts would both be Sylvania?

If that's the case, that explains why it's not familiar to me. I rarely come up Tremainsville. And if I'm wrong, then I really need to work on my observation skills, because I'm through that intersection every day! :)

microdot said...

Hmmm, the obvious solution would be to dynamite the intersection and start all over again!

Hooda Thunkit said...

Did you know that, for every one of these "custom signs" there is a spare ready to replace it at a moment's notice.

There is also a Master silk screen, in case more than one is needed.

That's 5 unique stencils and spare signs, just for this intersection!

Now, for Secor, Tremainsville and Laskey there are 6.

That one also has the nickname, "Malfunction Junction" :-)