May 1, 2007

Elvis Costello - "Radio, Radio"


One of the finest moments in televised music, this is the 1977 appearance on Saturday Night Live by Elvis Costello and the Attractions that got Elvis banned from SNL for 12 years. Lorne Michaels was pissed that Costello changed songs at the last minute, causing the show to be a half-minute off schedule.

This is Costello at his peak, back when it still seemed that music could be made that could change the world. I was a clueless kid when I saw this, and I picked up on the energy of the band, but it was years before I really understood what punk was all about.

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MP said...

What's funny is all of the things that made Lorne Michaels mad on SNL created some of the show's most memorable moments. If it wasn't for the out-of-line routines by the players and musicians, the show wouldn't be half as popular as it is.

Hooray for hijacked SNL shows!