May 30, 2007

Gas Prices Mean No Vacation This Year

rising gas pump prices cut into vacation plans (Toledo, OH) Rising gas prices have certainly cut into our budget, especially given my underemployed status at the moment, but it looks like the outrageous prices at the pump will mean that our family will have to forego any lengthy travel.

I initially thought that we might return to the Outer Banks, which is one of my favorite travel destinations. Gas alone, though, would likely add up to nearly $500 for a trip there and back, which is at least $150 more than in past trips to the coastal Carolinas.

For us that is like 1-2 nights at a condominium, or at least three meals out with the kids.

This is not to mention what the jump in pump prices means to us on an annual basis. At a conservative consumption of 1400 gallons per year, this is several thousand dollars more that we are shelling out for gas. So it looks like we will have to settle for one of the area campgrounds if we are to plan any sort of family vacation.


JimJam said...


You're not the only one. I use an Outer Banks website ( and one of the locals said that just this week they took 20 cancellations where the people said that the price of gas was the reason they cancelled. I imagine the sheiks from OPEC are doing a little money dance right now.


Ronnie said...


Sorry to hear you will not be making the trip down this year.
I was going to write about your gas shortage and the true cost but then I saw you were a pay-per-post writer. Have a great summer

historymike said...


Yes, the sheikhs and the multinational oil company CEOs are doing the gas pump two-step.

historymike said...


I do take some PPP ads, but this is not one.

You have a great summer, too.

Ronnie said...


The company you have linked to is one of the largest ppp users in our area.

Sorry for the confusion.

Hooda Thunkit said...

You know Mike, if more people reacted as you just had instead of just sucking it up and paying the price, those prices would plummet.

But we selfish Merkins only think about what WE want, not how much it costs and that is why gasoline prices are where they are.

I've ridden these gas price scams out so many times, but no more; my next vehicle WILL be more efficient and possibly a multi-fuel vehicle.

I should have done this in 1972. . .