May 15, 2007

Gonzales Points Finger at Outgoing McNulty

(Washington, DC) U.S. Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty, second-in-command to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and a central figure in the scandal over the firing of federal prosecutors, resigned on Monday citing personal family issues as his reason for submitting his resignation letter.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales appeared to be sacrificing McNulty as the person solely resposible for the firings:

"In this particular case, Mr. McNulty was a former colleague of all of these United States attorneys, and so he would probably know better than anyone else about the performance and the qualifications of these -- of our United States attorney community," he said. "My understanding was was that Mr. Sampson's recommendations reflected a consensus view of the senior leadership of the department, in particular the deputy attorney general."

Can you say "thrown under the bus?" Sure. I knew you could, neighbor!


microdot said...

I am looking forward to Monica Goodings testimony now that she has made her deal regarding possible prosecution resulting from the information she gives!
As the fired New Mexican Prosecutor, David Inglesias said recently, "All roads lead to Rove."

The Screaming Nutcase said...

I wonder what will finally end Gonzales' tenure. The left has hated him forever, the right is starting to come around...