May 19, 2007

Hanging in Detroit

Image of Wayne State University courtesy of WSU Admissions

(Detroit, MI) I traveled to Wayne State University today to present at a writing conference entitled Computers and Writing 2007: Virtual Urbanism. Depending on my ability to access wireless - and whether or not the sessions I attend are riveting - I could be either prolific or nonexistent in the blogosphere today.

For me the conference is an opportunity to cross disciplines, as most of the panelists are composition and literature academics. As a historian, my work certainly involves writing, but I am intrigued by the areas in which English and history intersect.

I am also interested in bringing history to a wider audience than the narrow world of academia, and those who visit this site with some frequency understand that I like using the Internet to break down traditional barriers to knowledge.

My presentation has the working title of “Maintaining the Human Connection with Virtual Tutoring Clients,” an examination of the differences between face-to-face and virtual tutoring drawing upon my experiences as a writing tutor.

Conferences are a useful way to learn about new research, as well as a method to gain feedback on one's own work, but I would prefer to be tilling my gardens today.

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Hooda Thunkit said...

Enjoy Mike, and post if connections and the spirit moves you ;-)