May 16, 2007

On Annoying Pranks and High School Seniors

Left: A sample of the scene that greeted me this morning

Now, let me say up fron that I like a creative prank, especially one with some inventiveness in which the recipients can at least shake their heads in admiration.

The high school seniors where my wife teaches, however, have repeatedly targeted the homes of the teachers for special treatment in an annual ritual known as "prank night." I suppose I should be grateful that they did not cover every square inch of my yard (like the students did last year), but it sure is a pain in the arse to clean up wads of soaking toilet paper.

(switches out of grouchy old man mode)

Back when I was in high school, the school itself was the target of the senior pranks. The seniors a few years before my class graduated let loose a dozen chickens in the school, which I thought was kind of funny.

Our class had a much more brilliant ploy: we hid a bunch of alarm clocks and egg timers in the library and set them to go off at random times, with the goal of tormenting the autocratic library nun for whom absolute silence was the most important feature of a well-run department.

Sister Celine Marie: if you are still alive, my belated apologies for what must have been a hectic day trying to find and defuse the sound bombs that lurked among the shelves.

True, some seniors carry the hijinks against their schools a bit far, like the Ottawa Hills students in 1998 who unleashed hundreds of Madagascar hissing cockroaches in the hallowed halls of Ottawa Hills High School. I, however, am of the opinion that senior pranks should be limited to the facility, and that the private homes of teachers and administrators should be off-limits for such annoyances.

Besides, throwing around a half-dozen rolls of toilet paper is completely without creativity. How about posting a bunch of yard sale signs around the home of your marks, advertising a non-existent "8-family sale" that is sure to send 100 cars to their house? At least that shows some ingenuity, instead of the ho-hum TP attack.

Now, back to the cleanup...


MP said...

I wholly agree with this post.

However, what if they had chosen to release the cockroaches into your basement? TP seems slightly less harmful in comparison.

Again, not that I condone any of this. I'm just saying.

goin2college said...

I totally agree with you. Some high school pranks just get taken too far and I definitely think that it is inappropriate to do pranks to teachers outside of school. I am senior in high school and my grade is trying to think of the best prank that our school has ever seen. We don't want to be destructive, we just want to be funny and leave a mark, which was the ORIGINAL point of a senior prank.

microdot said...

Man, I definitely agree. School pranks are a tradition. There was the dry ice in the toilets in the boys lavatory incident at St. Monica's of which I shall speak of no further...
But your house is off limits!
Then it becomes personal and just plain mean.

historymike said...


Cockroaches would have DEFINITELY been uncool.

historymike said...


Agreed about being funny and original. TP is quite old and a bit idiotic.

historymike said...

(laughing at Microdot's recollection)

Another good one happened in 8th grade, and I wholly disown any participation:

We cellophane-taped a few random keys together on the classroom piano, and when the music teacher came in, he was quite irate when he hit the first of the taped keys in the middle of a hymn (pastor present, singing along with the class).

He went absolutely NUTS when he continued the hymn and hit the second set of taped keys.

Suss said...

Legend has it some St. John's kids, way back in the way, released two pigs into the halls of SJJ. One had a "1" painted on its side, the other had a "3." They spent a considerable amount of time looking for one with a "2" on its side.

Can you back me up on this one MP?

Anonymous said...

I've heard of a school prank in which kids put folded packs of ketchup under the toilet seats in the teacher restrooms. When said teacher plants bottom on toilet seat, the pressure makes the ketchup pack explode. Creative, but definitely not cool.

The Screaming Nutcase said...

Our senior class, with the permission of the principal, moved all the vice-principal's office furniture into the senior commons. :)

Unfortunately, a few juniors snuck in with them, and trashed the freshman lockers. I have to imagine that was the end of senior pranks in the school.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Senior Pranks?

Definitely before my time, I promise ;-)