May 10, 2007

On the Junking Up of the Blogosphere

When I first became intrigued with the emerging media of Internet blogs several years ago, I was amazed at the wide variety of perspectives one could come across simply by clicking on the "Next Blog" function that Blogger provides. I could be instantly transported from someone writing in Singapore to a blogger in Los Angeles to a person opining on the elections in São Paulo.

Increasingly, though, I find this method of surfing to be a source of annoyance, as spammers have developed methods of positioning their blogs at the top of the Blogger "Next Blog" queue, either through a perpetual republishing program or with some tricky template script.

Thus, when I wanted to surf today, less than 25 percent of the blogs upon which I landed seemed to have some purpose beyond spam. I managed to land on the same "Net Money Earning" and "Learn English Online" and "Enjoy Deals" sites over... and over... and over.

I suspect that I will have to switch to using the blog search functions to find specific topics, but one of the joys of the random search is the process of stumbling upon a completely unexpected post. These days a random search is more likely to pull up Viagra ads than substantive writing.


John Spalding said...

search on technorati or globe of blogs

Hooda Thunkit said...

No matter what you do though, technology always declines due to those willing to annoy (and occasionally snag) some hapless blog surfer.

And, it always about the money.

I hear that even our own postal service providers supplement the junk mail rates at OUR expense, just to keep the people we most loathe happy :-(

Anonymous said...

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