May 11, 2007

Prosper Learning: Post-Secondary Courses for a Virtual World

While I am less than enthusiastic about the rapid growth of online post-secondary education organizations, I have to admit that some groups are offering unique courses unavailable elsewhere. Moreover, the flexibilty of smaller educational institutions can actually lead to the creation of courses that satisfy demands not met by large, traditional universities.

I read with interest an article on Prosper Learning, a company that offers such classes as stock market online investing and e-commerce. Prosper Learning has already helped over 30,000 students improve their business skills, and every week the company conducts 1,700 one-on-one coaching sessions in 76 different countries through a variety of media, including Web-conferences, telephone conferences, online chats and small-group coaching sessions.

As someone who prefers traditional lectures in a university setting, I have my reservations about online education, but it appears that Prosper Learning has carved an importnat niche for itself in return-on-investment-based learning systems designed for e-commerce.

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