May 27, 2007

Return of the Messy Desk


Even by my own less-than-organized standards, my desk is a wreck today. Strewn with books, papers, journals, network cables, and car parts, I feel a compulsion to drag in a trash can and shovel in the entire mess.

I find it difficult to write when I am staring at such a conglomeration of clutter, so I suppose I should spend ten minutes and make my workspace more conducive to work.

Must... get... coffee.


microdot said...

I need clutter...I have reference books in use, sketch pad...pencils, if I put them away, I'd have to find them again...but then again, if I put them away, maybe I could find them again.

Hooda Thunkit said...

My workspace is always spotless.

Well, maybe not always, and maybe not spotless.

Okay, I work it front of the family room TV because the computer is a total mess.

There, you dragged it out of me; happy now?