May 5, 2007

Returning to the Blogosphere

I just wound up my last duty before calling an official end to what has been an unexpectedly long semester, grading some 160 final exams in an introductory European history course to which I was assigned as a graduate assistant. Ah, the joys of reading endless essays on the rise of Hitler, or the reasons for the outbreak of World War I.

Over the past four months I have read something like 10,000 pages of text, which translated into perhaps 140 pages of written material to justify my scholarly existence. Yet I look back on this semester's work and realize that I am pretty much the same person I was in January, and I find myself in a bit of an existential funk as this term winds to a close.

Perhaps a few days of watching some mindless television will serve as a mental debriefing, at least until my 8-week summer courses start. If 16-week courses are grueling marathons, the summer terms are more like adrenaline-fueled sprints, as there is much less time to make up any ground lost to procrastination.

Anyways, I am looking forward to catching up with my virtual friends, as well as reading what y'all have been writing about over the last few weeks.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were "gone," but welcome "back," anyways!


Hooda Thunkit said...

Thankfully your involvement made it easier for me to catch up.

I took a short break too, just to decompress and to contemplate a bit.

It's GOOD that you're back!

LTLOP said...

What? No tossing them down the stairs and the first btach are the A's, second batch face up B's and so on? Didn't you learn nuthin in Kollege Mike?