May 15, 2007

Will Michael Bloomberg Run in 2008?

New York mayor Michael BloombergMichael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York

(New York) Rumors are running rampant that New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is weighing a third-party run for the presidency. Publicly Bloomberg continues to deny a Presidential run, but the billionaire politician uses rhetoric that leaves open the possibility that he might change his mind.

Fanning the flames of the rumor-mongering about a possible Bloomberg campaign is Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, who sees a Bloomberg-Hagel ticket as the antidote to what ails America.

"I think Mayor Bloomberg ... should seriously think about this," Hagel said. "He is the mayor of one of the greatest cities on earth. He makes that city work. That's what America wants."

And if you thought Ross Perot and his candidacy offered hope to independents and moderates, imagine what a more media-savvy figure like Bloomberg would mean to the 2008 race. I often hear people calling for the combination of a fiscal conservative with socially liberal sensibilities, which might appeal to a wide swath of the American electorate.

Best quote of the day, from former Federal Election Commission Chairman Michael Toner:

"Bloomberg is H. Ross Perot on steroids," he said. "He could turn the political landscape of this election upside down, spend as much money as he wanted and proceed directly to the general election. He would have resources to hire an army of petition-gatherers in those states where thousands of petitions are required to qualify a third-party presidential candidate to be on the ballot."

Watching this closely...


Anonymous said...

Looks like the best year ever for an independent, since nobody seems happy with any of the candidates yet.


Joedo said...

Independents will get a boost in 2008. Especially with the Draft Bloomberg Committee recruiting candidates for Congress next year. We need one in each of the 435 house districts and 33 senate seats up next year.

Contact us at

The Screaming Nutcase said...

If he runs, and it's Hillary vs. Rudy vs. Bloomberg, that would possibly be the most boring Presidential campaign ever. Three essentially indistinguishable New Yorkers running for the office....

Go Ron Paul! If nothing else, he's interesting--and a Republican in office with a Democratic Congress is much better than having one-party rule (either party).

microdot said...

But what is this I am hearing about Hagel approaching Bloomberg for an Independant ticket? Hagel/Bloomberg...Now that becomes rather interesting.
My niece is working for the City of NYC in a huge project to make the city the greenest metropolis on the planet. Their 4 year in development plan just got approved. If it actually becomes a physical reality is another question entirely.
Again it's another renegade Republican with independant Schwarzenegger, who has the ability to push a progressive agenda where others are powerless.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Would this ticket run as independents or as (small "L") libertarians?

Of late, the small "L" libertarians are growing numbers and influence, IMO.