Jun 1, 2007

City of Toledo Quick to Address Neglected House

City of Toledo forestry workersLeft: City forestry workers cutting grass

(Toledo, OH) I went to the house at 4758 Violet with the goal of taking some photographs of what had become a source of neighborhood blight. Grass at the neglected house had reached a height of nearly five feet, and since the house is on a corner lot, it posed a hazard to motorists turning from Foxglove onto Violet.

Instead, I found a city crew hard at work finishing cleanup at the property. Kudos to the City of Toledo for jumping on this.

"I think it's in foreclosure," said a member of the cleanup crew, wiping her brow in the summer heat. "It's actually a pretty nice place - it's got an inground pool in the back."

A check of county records confirmed the worker's assumption, and Wells Fargo is the bank that holds the mortgage on the property. I am sure they will be getting a hefty bill from the city in the next few days.

While hardly a luxury home, the three-bedroom house on Violet has some attractive features, including new siding, new windows, and a large lot. The county's assessment is at $147,300.00, with back taxes accumulating to the tune of $5,363.35.

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Hooda Thunkit said...

The City has a separate division just for cutting weeds/grass.

The only connection with Forestry is their proximity to each other on Elmdale, off of Hill Ave.