Jun 15, 2007

Email Down, Blood Pressure Up

My primary email account, which is through the University of Toledo, has been down for most of the day. I have no idea when it will be back up and running, as the net monitoring page that tracks outtages is also DOA.

I am a person whose primary form of communication is email, and my routine gets disrupted when I lose service. I may have to migrate to an external system like GMail, as there have been far too many occasions such as this with my university account.

I will also be facing a mountain of email if and when the system returns to normal status. I had just nicely chopped my Inbox to 600 messages when the system shut down; there will probably be close to 700 when it comes back up.

Thus, I stare at my office furniture, twiddle my thumbs, and grind my teeth with this electronic annoyance.


Historychic said...

That is why I switched to a Yahoo account during my first semester at UT. Glad that cancelling study session helped with your logistics scheduling. Have a great weekend. Happy Father's Day by the way.

historymike said...

Agh. Almost 10 hours. I am going through email withdrawal.

Thanks, Historychic. We shall study the French Revolution and German unification next week.

Anonymous said...

By the tenth hour I'd be hallucinating, seeing text crawling on my walls.

Tad said...

That is the worst feeling, I hate when any of my computer stuff goes down. One time my database server was down and I thought I lost my entire mysql database for my blog. I almost had a heart attack.

historymike said...

Grand total - 12 hours of downtime.

New messages in that span: 61.

Junk mail that evaded filter: 12.

Stuff that could have waited: 61.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Just take consolation in the fact that, while the system is down, no SPAM or UCE will be lost..., ever :-(