Jun 3, 2007

Exciting Summer for Concerts at the Toledo Zoo

WPA-sponsored water fountain sculpture by Arthur Cox, ca. 1934

The 2007 Summer Concert Series at The Toledo Zoo looks to be one of the most entertaining yet, featuring acts such as Bob Dylan, Steely Dan, Sheryl Crow, Bryan Adams, and the Moody Blues.

It looks as though concert tickets will be difficult to come by for some shows, as Steely Dan has already sold out. The Paul Simon concert I attended last year at the Toledo Zoo amphitheater was remarkable, and the acoustics at this venue are solid.

I am torn about shows that I might attend; I have seen Steely Dan and the Moody Blues before, enjoying both, but I have yet to see Dylan perform live. Then again, Dylan can be an inconsistent performer, and I would hate to shell out $160 for a pair of tickets if he went out and ground out a paint-by-numbers 60-minute set.

If I settle on one, at the moment it would be seeing Walter Becker and Donald Fagen again, as I very much enjoyed seeing them in 2003 at Pine Knob.

Do any of these shows strike your fancy?


Anonymous said...

NOT Bryan Adams.

microdot said...

Steely Dan? They've got a few more years of reunion concerts in them.
Slick stuff...you already know the songs.
Moody Blues? You might as well do a few hit of Prozac, the mind altering drug of the geriatric set to get you in the mood for that doddering somnambulistic nostalgia act.
Dylan on the other hand has a pretty interesting new album and I think he's pushing it these days. Good Concert, bad concert? What's life without risks?
Speaking of Dylan, check out the new Bryan Ferry Solo CD, Dylanesque.
One of the very best and most original takes on Dylans music I've heard in a long time!
I have never heard another artist even attempt to cover Gates Of Eden and Bryan Ferry transfigures it!

Anonymous said...

yes Bryan Adams :)