Jun 2, 2007

Farewell, Bon Chien

Doctor Bombay, a Schnoodle we fostered who was just adopted (Toledo, OH) To the left is Doctor Bombay, a Schnoodle we have been fostering for the last two weeks. We became quite attached to him, and it was a bittersweet morning when we learned that he had been adopted by some kind-hearted folks.

We work with Planned Pethood, a Northwest Ohio-based nonprofit group that rescues abandoned, stray and unwanted pets and helps find them good homes. They are terrific people, and if you are looking for a loving pet (especially dogs), I urge you to follow the above link and learn more about Planned Pethood and its mission.

Heck, even if you can't take in an extra creature, toss them five bucks. They do important work, and the all-volunteer staff does this out of the kindness of their hearts.

For more information on pet adoption, see The Toledo Area Humane Society, Planned Pethood, or Petfinder.com.


Anonymous said...

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Roo said...

Mike - I am glad that Doctor Bombay will be going to a new permanent home. Thank you to you and your wife for being foster parents. I wish I could do it, but hubby says I get too attached too quickly and we would wind up with 50 dogs in the house. He's probably right...