Jun 6, 2007

Getting Back into Baseball

Now that my NHL and NBA teams have both been bounced from the playoffs (Red Wings and Pistons, respectively), my attention is turning once again to Major League Baseball. The Tigers continue to play solid baseball, and look to be playoff contenders once again, assuming their bullpen injuries can be overcome.

The Cleveland Indians, though, have returned to playoff form, and the Tigers do not appear to be waltzing into the playoffs as they did last year (setting aside, of course, the late-season slump that bumped the team out of first in the AL Central). C.C. Sabathia is having a career year, and his 5-hit, 8-strikeout shutout of Kansas City last night was masterful.

If you are a New York ticket broker, you have to be shaking your head. The Yankees have been abysmal, while the Mets lead the National League East and have one of the best records in baseball.

Can't say I am disappointed; while I am not a Yankee-hater, I get tired of seeing the same teams in the playoffs year after year. Maybe 44-year-old Roger Clemens has one more half-year left in him.

The hottest team in baseball right now, though, is the AL-West leading LA Angels. They beat Baltimore 4-3 on Sunday in a thriller when Vladimir Guerrero smacked a two-run homer off Orioles closer Chris Ray in the bottom of the ninth inning. The Angels have won five in a row, and now have the second-best record in the majors behind the Boston Red Sox.

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MP said...

Great to see the Indians and Tigers back in the hunt together. They've played some competitive series so far.

It feels great to live here in Chicagoland and where Indians and Tigers t-shirts while hometown fans shake their heads at the Sox and Cubs. :-D