Jun 3, 2007

Henahan-Breymann House

(Toledo, OH) While visiting the Toledo's Old West End Festival yesterday, I had the opportunity to scope out a few of the incredible homes in this historic Toledo district. One of my favorites is the Henahan-Breymann House, located at 2052 Robinwood Avenue.

This Romanesque structure, built in 1894, is named after its original designer and owner, Michael Henahan, who also performed the stonework on the property himself. This property is certainly one of the most beautiful pieces of real estate in the Old West End and Northwest Ohio in general.


Anonymous said...

Nice-looking joint!

microdot said...

I lived in the Old West End for quite a few years and when I come back to Toledo, I always end up walking the streets looking at the restorations and the preservation of the grand architecture there!
I really want to come back to see the completed Museum of Art glass collection building! Monroe was so torn up the last time...
I was really surprised to find the Parisian Metro entrance installed on the Museum steps! I had been in Paris 48 hours earlier and passed through one of the many entrances like that still in use everyday!

Hooda Thunkit said...

Mike this place reminds me of the proverbial brick ****house we spoke of in our youth (usually evoked in reference to a young lady with the aforementioned attributes).

Actually, it is more of a block fortress, but that describes an entirely different kind of young lady ;-)

This place could use a restorative sandblasting or some other less abrasive form of exterior cleaning though.

It's a keeper!