Jun 21, 2007

High Class Lowlifes

(Toledo, OH) In my neighborhood walks I see considerable evidence that there are local drivers who operate vehicles while consuming alcoholic beverages: Budweiser cans, whiskey bottles, and containers from those fruit-flavored malt beverages can be found almost any day on the side of the road.

But I have yet to see an empty bottle of a quality wine, at least until today.

Pictured is a tossed bottle of Sterling Vintner's Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2004, which retails between $11 and $15. The wine was described in the following manner on Wine.com:

An inviting deep ruby-red color. This is a very aromatic wine, offering dark fruit, cassis, dried herbs, cocoa powder and vanilla. Flavors are of more blackberry and other dark fruit, black olives, caramel, root beer and vanilla. The wine’s tannins are round and chewy, offering great balance and a lingering toasty and fruity finish. A great match with red meats and pastas.
Add to that: "Pairs well with automatic transmissions, car sex, and Cheetos." All this person needed was a set of Callaway golf clubs to practice his drive at passing cars on the freeway and he'd be living large.


webduck said...

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon to go with that? LOL

Stephanie said...

Don't give 'em ideas...geez!

Historychic said...

Wow. So litter is a problem in neighborhoods other than my ghetto one. I am somewhat surprised.

microdot said...

Mike, that description of the wine was about them most inflated pompous bit of hype I ever seen!
I'm sure that after reading that, the reality of the beverage would only be a disappointment.
Last year the big word in the wine industry was toast...I kid you not.
I go to a few tastings every year and the experts always pass around little containers with "pure" scents and it's a game to try to guess what they are. Usually they are all notes in the flavors of the wines we are going to taste.
Last year, everyone was using the phrase "burnt toast". I can't wait to see what marketing language I hear this year!

historymike said...

(laughing at webduck)

historymike said...


Nah, they get plenty of hare-brained ideas while liquored up.

historymike said...


Yep - we get all kinds of litter living on a corner lot. Must be a great American tradition or something of tossing empty booze containers while cruising around the neighborhood.

historymike said...


I remember hearing "pencil lead" to describe a wine once at a tasting.

And it was in a positive way...

Stephanie said...

"So litter is a problem in neighborhoods other than my ghetto one."

We live right near where the high-school students walk, and litter is definitely a problem. No wine bottles, though; rarely any alcohol at all, actually. However, I do have make sure my car doors are locked. They won't break anything to get in (yet), but they'll open the doors if they're not locked.

(clarification: I do NOT live in Toledo, or even Ohio)

"Nah, they get plenty of hare-brained ideas while liquored up."

While that particular idea was not terribly ingenious, you're creative enough to give them something worth (their) doing.

Thus, I advise against it.

-Sepp said...

HM, sounds like some kids raided ma and pop's wine cabinet.