Jun 6, 2007

Many Thanks to a Caring Physician

There are many times in life when our paths cross with someone whose extra effort made a difference in our lives, but for whom we do not get the opportunity to properly thank. Being a blogger, though, also means that one never has an excuse to extend even belated expressions of thanks.

I have a 13-year-old child who developed a severe case of dermatitis on her arms and legs some weeks ago. Her pediatrician initially diagnosed impetigo based on the manner in which the rash spread, but after two weeks and little progress she recommended we consult a dermatologist.

This specialist, however, seemed unwilling to be bothered with a teenager, and spent little time working on her case. The staff in the dermatologist's office seemed indifferent to patients, and more concerned with office supplies and insurance protocol than patient well-being. The dermatologist - who we will call Dr. X - prescribed stronger antibiotics, but did not investigate other causes. When several more weeks passed - and the skin sores continued to spread - Dr. X suggested that the cause of the problem was a child who wouldn't take her medicine.

Now I know these things happen, but anyone who has ever parented a teenager knows how traumatic even a simple pimple can be, let alone having a pair of legs covered with ugly, oozing sores. While this child certainly scratched too much, she was diligent about taking her prescribed medications, and she was very desirous about clearing up what was a socially stigmatizing skin condition.

We finally turned to the Center for Wound Care of Northwest Ohio at Bay Park Hospital in semi-desperation. The staff was a bit reluctant at first to take the case, given the fact that pediatrics were not their specialty, but one of the physicians agreed to take the case.

I was more than impressed with the diligence and effort put forth on behalf of my child. Dr. Mark Nadaud and his staff spent nearly three hours with us on the first visit, taking samples to run a thorough battery tests of tests, taking digital photos of the sores, and gathering information.

Within 48 hours of following Dr. Nadaud's instructions - which included a new approach in prescriptions, diet recommendations, a soothing mentholated salve, and the use of an antiseptic whirlpool at Promedica's Total Rehab - my child's condition showed incredible improvement, and after a week the sores have begun to recede to the point where she is about to wear shorts in public for the first time in almost two months.

Dr. Nadaud, an osteopathic physician, obviously takes to heart the holistic approach of his discipline, but more importantly he took seriously the challenge posed by what we finally agreed was a stubborn case of nummular eczema complicated by staph infections.

At any rate, I highly recommend Dr. Mark Nadaud, whose primary practice is on State Route 51 in Genoa. In addition, I would once again like to thank this kind health practitioner who not only helped heal my child but also showed a real intellectual curiosity about the case.

Thanks, Doctor!


Maggie Thurber said...

We recently switched doctors and selected one who practices at Bay Park...really terrific staff, great cooperation with the hospital (if you need a test or xray, they just send you right over and then back to the office with the results).

We, too, were very impressed with everyone there. And while this hospital doesn't do the more complicated surgeries (like hearts), they'll be my first choice for everything else.

Good to know you had a good experience as well...

Hooda Thunkit said...

And I am currently being treated by one of your doctor's cohorts at their West Toledo offices for a deep wound that has proven to be stubborn.

A fine bunch of folks at the Wound Care Centers at these and other locations.