Jun 27, 2007

New Blog on Scam Artists

I have created yet another blog, and this site will be dedicated to documenting Internet scams, especially of the email variety.

My goal in creating SCAM TRACKERS is to provide a sort of clearinghouse for the latest email scams that arise, with the hope that I might prevent a handful of people from getting ripped off.

If you have any of these scams you'd like to forward, feel free to email them to this email address. If you'd like to be a contributor to the site, which would essentially entail cutting-and-pasting a scam once it hits your email box and adding a snippet of information about the scam, contact me at my main email, which is on the sidebar.

At some point I might evolve the site into a "lash-back" destination, akin to the hijinks at Ebola Monkey Man, but for the moment I am concentrating on documentation. I may have to seek out additional Dell memory for this project, as there seems to be no end to the scammers.


Stephanie said...

Seriously -- why?

There are scam sites out there, and they tend to be effective. They do, however, rely on you to actually look.

So, why you?

Seriously curious.

historymike said...

1. Scammers simply piss me off, and I know people who have been burned by them.

2. I think there is a need for real-time listing of these as they happen. If the names and emails of the scammers make it to the web within a few hours of the emails arriving, there is a possibility that gullible people might do a Google search and see my post.

3. I does my heart good to strike back in some fashion against these clowns.

4. I won't have to clutter up my other sites with information about scammers.

5. I might be able to sell an ad or two on a new site.


Mr. Schwartz said...


Ever watch or order anything from infomercials on television?

Now that is something that rips off people big time. The shipping and handling charges are unreal, they will auto enroll you in all sorts of stuff that you didn't give permission for. Anything they offer free on TV, they will auto-order for you no matter what.

Spam and scam works because people buy into them. I do think it's a great idea but I like the idea of you exposing television scams also.

Stephanie said...

You certainly have thought this through. If I get any scam mail (highly likely), then I'll send it your way.

historymike said...

Mr. Scwartz:

Good idea. I can see watching one of those infoscams and having a field day debunking the lies.

historymike said...

Sure, send 'em along, Steph. A scam post is pretty easy to cut-and paste, then add a bit of commentary.

Stephanie said...

Looky there, two scam e-mails just today. I sent 'em to your e-mail address.

jackpayne said...

This looks like a promising site, indeed. Of keen interest to me. I've been writing on the subject of scam artists for the past 40 years. Just finished a piece, 15 Amazing Con Man "Conspiracy Theory" Tricks, that is stumbling around the net now.

Will certainly be keeping an eye on your development.

--Jack Payne