Jun 2, 2007

Old West End Festival -Toledo

(Toledo, OH) I must admit from the onset that I tend to avoid festivals, given my preference for quiet time with small groups of people over the mob scenes that sometimes accompany festivals.

Yet the Old West End festival in Toledo is certainly the most unique outdoor event in the area. For many blocks to the west and north of the center of activities, folks set up shop in fron tof their houses. You will see musicians, artists, and artisans of all stripes hawking their wares and entertaining the people passing by.

If you have a sharp eye, you will be able to find good bargains on antiques, artwork, and vintage fabrics. I saw an old class photograph from 1904 with the initials NHS that caught my eye, but I instead plunked my money down on a Smoothie.

Yes, the stomach won out over the antique dealer in me. Go figure.

Anyways, the high point of any trip to the Old West End is gazing at the beautiful Victorian mansions that have been restored. My wife and I dream that we will someday own one of these palaces after all the kids have moved out. We shall see...


LTLOP said...

If you ever get the chance to tour one, by all means do it. These homes have been lovingly restored and show a nice blend between the modern and the vintage. I had the chance to take a tour of a few and I was blown away. One was the Ketcham house on Robinwood, beautiful blond maple floors with a darker inlaid wood patterns. Another, the third floor had been converted into a studio for the owners while they renovated the other floors. In the old days the third floor was a ballroom and you coud still see the bandshell.

Chad said...

Wow..too funny. That's my wife's sister and her husband and family in the picture. What a riot...the whole 6 degrees thing :-) Chad Quigley

Hooda Thunkit said...

I share your aversion of rowdy crowds, but I probably should attend a festival..., eventually ;-)

I certainly don't need to partake on the foods, although the foods would draw me to spend an afternoon up on Lagrinka :-)