Jun 30, 2007

On Living Free, Dying Hard, and Just How Much Debbie Schlussel Hates Muslims

I went to see the premiere of Live Free or Die Hard, and found the film to be an enjoyable thriller, even if at times the ability of John McClane to defy death borders on the absurd; witness his plunge from an out-of-control F-35B and walking away with a few more cuts and bruises.

Still, the ability of the film to convey the extent to which the United States remains vulnerable to attacks on its electronic infrastructure is quite credible, and should be a wakeup call to those who remain blissfully unaware of our dependence upon computer networks.

And then there is the quasi-racist take on the film by far-right nutjob Debbie Schlussel, who - while generally praising the film - took its producers to task for not making Muslim terrorists the film's antagonists:
As readers know, I've been down on Willis for a number of reasons and down on this movie because its cyberterrorists are not Muslim. I remain steadfast in that reservation and note that this movie would have been even more fabulous if they were.
Uh, Debbie? It's a movie, all right? And besides, not all terrorists are the bloodthirsty Islamofascists you so love to fear and depict; we only have to travel back to the anthrax scare and the Oklahoma City bombing to remind ourselves that terrorists come in a wide variety of creeds, colors, and ethnicities.

For those unfamiliar with Schlussel, she is somewhat like Ann Coulter, but with a more limited vocabulary, no anorexia problem, and reportedly a larger penis.

Now, I know that Debbie's shtick revolves around whipping up a frenzy about those Islamofascists who she believes lurk behind every brown face, but I doubt that the decision to create a homegrown terrorist in Live Free or Die Hard was a politically-correct Hollywood move, as Schlussel implies.

In fact, one could argue that the potential for domestic terrorism hiding behind the pale, smiling faces in Everytown, USA is even more troublesome than the cartoon-like Evil Muslim Hordes that keep Schlussel awake at night. Heck - Bruce Willis is a Republican, for Chrissakes, but his card-carrying GOP self is still not good enough for the rabid Schlussel.

At any rate, dearest Debbie: crawl back under the xenophobic, paranoid rock out from under which you slithered, take your Lithium, and let the rest of us enjoy some escapist summer fun without hearing any more of your racist drivel.


JD said...

I don't think Debbie Sclussel has a penis, Mike. I was told that she had it surgically removed in favor of replacing it with a bionic 15 inch phallus.


historymike said...


Stephanie said...

Besides, from what I remember of the Die Hard series of movies, they were doing terrorists before terrorism was "cool." You could hardly blame them for sticking to their own meme on terrorism -- at least not while maintaining a sense of reason.

Mad Jack said...

You know, ever since the USSR broke up we just don't have a good enemy. No more bad guys with thick Russian accents... I want the old days back again.

I suppose there are other terrorist groups. The Chinese, the Islamics, the Israelis, the Republicans...

historymike said...

Agreed, Steph: the Die Hard bunch either anticipated or got lucky in understanding the potential for terrorism to spread to the good ole US of A.

historymike said...

Mad Jack:

Yes, it's odd that we almost pine for the old days of the Cold War, when our enemies were the Soviets, and the world seemed simpler.

Either we would nuke each other to oblivion, or the leaders of the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. would make monkey faces at each other while the rest of us carried out our lives.

Bowrag said...

Im ready to go see that myself! Thanks for the info!