Jun 28, 2007

Open Letter to an Obnoxious Motorist

Traffic was heavy this afternoon, yet I was all set to turn left through onto the busy thoroughfare thanks to the kind soul in the rightmost lane who stopped to let me in.

And then you came along, silver BMW gleaming in the June sun like the tungsten in an incandescent bulb.

You stopped your car in such a way that I could not complete my turn, and then you had the gall to peer at me with a blank look for a moment before turning your head and staring at the car in front of you.

You have no excuse for your piggishness, and it really looked like you deliberately prevented me from making a left turn. Moreover, even if you just tuned out and happened not to see me inching into the road, you could have backed up that mere ten feet and let me in.

But you didn't choose to do so.

Now, my period of inconvenience was only 60 seconds or so, and I will spend at least fifteenfold that amount of time penning this missive. Was it really necessary, though, to act like a self-centered, luxury-car-driving putz, seemingly incapable of the tiniest courtesy to other drivers? After all, the next person who came along as your lane started moving saw no problem in letting me complete my turn.

I am a firm believer in karma, and these sorts of behaviors will bring forth similar fates ahead for you. While I wish you no harm, I think you might want to re-examine your priorities, for you gained nothing through this brief exchange beyond boosting your own twisted sense of self-importance.

Oh - and have a nice day, sir.


Stephanie said...

I don't think you have to believe in karma to feel confident that this driver will have trouble in the future. Driving habits like that tend to cause accidents, and that pretty little car very well may get hit.

Again, I wouldn't wish it on him/her either; however, chances seem pretty likely.

Roo said...

Mike - did this fool happen to have Michigan plates? I've found that most of the unacceptable behavior in operating a motor vehicle belongs to Michigan drivers - sad to say.

Kurt said...

I disagree with your original post Mike. If you knew you had to make a left turn, you should have put yourself in a position to make that left turn easily, perhaps by being in the left lane well in advance. Nothing irritates me more than when drivers try to get ahead in a lane, then try to cut over two lanes in an irresponsible manner cutting off the rest of traffic. I'm not saying this happened, because the facts aren't clear from your original post. But if traffic was bad and you were trying to get over, I'm simply guessing you did not give yourself adequate time to get over or you were trying to get ahead in the right lane and then cut over. My rule is to never let anyone over in the faster lane when they are clearly trying to supercede the wait most people reasonably anticipate.

historymike said...


Didn't catch the license plate.

historymike said...


I was pulling out of a gas station, trying to make the left turn in heavy traffic.

The person in the rightmost lane let me inch out, but Mr. Obnoxious rolled right up and prevented me from completing my turn.

Should have made that more clear in the original post.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Sometimes your ultra-peaceful demeanor is downright frustrating.

At the every least, I would have asked Allah to bless him with the offspring of 1,000 fleas or something equally amusing and derive some mild satisfaction from picturing exactly that happening, in my mind's eye.

But then, I'm an EVIL conservative and I enjoy such imagery ;-)

I also believe in karma; in fact, I count on it!