Jun 8, 2007

Owner Leaves Pooch in Sealed Car in Direct Sun

(Toledo, OH) You know - there's ignorant, and then there's knuckle-dragging, drooling, utter and complete imbecility. The human species offers plenty of examples of these.

And after that are the morons who leave their pets locked in sealed cars on hot summer days.

This image was taken at 4:15 pm in the parking lot of the Elder Beerman department store on Secor Road in Toledo. I was sitting in my car, feeling hot and feisty on this muggy summer afternoon, when an older woman rolled up and parked in front of me.

I found it hard to believe that the woman would have the stupidity to roll up all the windows, especially with witnesses around (me). I waited for a few minutes before taking some pictures, thinking I would give her the benefit of the doubt in case she was just running in.

She wasn't, although that wouldn't be an excuse.

We have navigational and meterological readouts on our Suburban's rear view mirror, and it was reading an exterior temperature of 92 degrees. However, when the vehicle is in the direct sun, the sensors read a bit high, and it was really more like 85-ish outside.

I called inside the store and passed along the information to a manager, hoping that they would page the owner. No one came out to the car while I was there.

After about ten minutes, I decided to do a test. I rolled up all the windows and waited to see how long it would be before I was uncomfortable, which turned out to be about 90 seconds. Within five minutes the temperature must have risen 20 degrees, and that was enough of an experiment for me.

By now nearly twenty minutes had elapsed, and still no owner. My wife came out of the store, and it was time for me to go. What to do? Should I leave a note, smash a window, or call the Humane Society?

The dog was now laying down on the floor of the front seat out of the sun. He seemed to be fine for the moment, although he was visibly panting. I decided to leave and hope for the best, though I am still feeling guilty that I didn't take a Louisville Slugger to one of the windows.

However, to the driver of the silver Hyundai Santa Fe, Ohio license plate DOF 6922: may you be forced to spend an equivalent amount of time in such a hostile environment. You are the kind of person who ought to be prevented from owning a pet, and I trust that the people around you also keep you safe from sharp objects, matches, and other dangerous items for which your tiny brain is ill-equipped to master. In fact, people like this should limit themselves to a few silk trees if they have the urge to own a pet: no watering, no special care, and just the occasional dusting.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The dog's calmer than Paris Hilton was, and she had air conditioning. Come to think of it, the dog's better looking!

Anonymous said...

I would have called the police and the dog warden and the humane society. Or maybe I wouldn't have needed to -- because I also would have stopped the woman as she headed to the store, to ask if she would return to the car and open the windows enough for ventilation. Animals cannot help themselves. It's up to us to do it.

microdot said...

Well, you tried to do the right thing when you went into the store and told the manager to page the owner.
Outside of making extreme problems for your self...via the baseball bat solution, there's precious little you can do outside of leaving a note.

Anonymous said...

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Raymond Mack said...

I hope this ignorant owner comes
back to an auto that the pooch did
some urinating, defecating inside
of this cheapy korean soda can car.

Hooda Thunkit said...

You know, the Paramedics and some Firemen carry these little pen-like devices that are spring powered, and when pushed/pressed against say, a car window, "thump" the glass into thousands of little pieces.

Maybe you should ask one of them for a little "demo..."