Jun 7, 2007

Paris Walks, Public Hollers, Lawyers Smile

Left: Mug shot of Paris Hilton courtesy of TMZ.com

I would normally rather stab my eyeballs with Phillips-head screwdrivers than write about über Schlampe Paris Hilton, but the decision to grant home confinement to the talentless heiress is the worst sort of judicial double standards. What the American public is being implicitly told is that: a) rules do not apply to celebrities; and b) money will buy you out of almost every trouble.

A spokesman for the LA County Sheriff's office disclosed that medical reasons were behind the decision.

"I can't specifically talk about the medical situation other than to say that, yes, it played a part in this," sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said at a press conference today. Family sources suggested that a skin rash and Hilton's depression at being confined might have been the mitigating factors.

If you, me, or my brother pulled the same stunts as Paris Hilton, we would have likely received far greater sentences, and I highly doubt that a skin rash or our crocodile tears would have helped us get out of jail. This is more than a travesty of justice: the decision to release Paris Hilton is a bold-faced memorandum that social elites are treated differently than the rest of us.

The only consolation is that Paris Hilton's inability to stay out of trouble - and her arrogant disregard for the law - all but guarantees that she will violate the terms of this latest wrist-slap, and that a smart bet would be to lay down money on Paris Hilton visiting an LA County jail again.



Anonymous said...

Mike, lately your site keeps doing auto-refresh while I'm reading your posts. Very annoying.

historymike said...

Duly noted. I doubled the rate from three minutes to six minutes; hopefully that will be a less annoying A/R rate.

Anonymous said...

I love a responsive man.


microdot said...

You sure hit the nail on the head with your comments on the different atandards of justice for the priveleged and the ordinary folks.
Actually, I think she was released early at the request of prison officials who found the entire debacle a huge pain in the ass!
I hope Ms. Hilton writes a book about her prison experience and nobody buys it.

Lisa Renee said...

I heard it was the skin rash and the fact that she was not eating since the jail food did not meet with her approval.

If this is what they were going to do, sentencing her longer just made it all a big joke.

MP said...

Gosh, I wish I had sympathy, but being that tomorrow I'm guaranteed to see 3 people who violated their probation be carted off to jail, in tears, scared and alone...

...well, I just don't have sympathy for Ms. Hilton. Jail is too hard? JAIL IS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD!!!

One judge finally stood up and said that celebrities are not above the law and that Paris Hilton should go to jail. Crafty lawyers got her out of it.

Remember Michael T. Sauer, the judge who put here there. Remember the man who stood up to nonsense.

El Abogado said...

I guess I am missing the part where the her "crafty lawyers" got her out of this fix. The only two lawyers I read about, the judge and the prosecutor, objected vehemently when the SHERIFF ordered her early release. Sounds like early release is common in LA due to overcrowding.

El Abogado said...


Roo said...

A rash? Caladryl works wonders.

The food? Buck up little camper! Here are some crackers!

This is total BS and just demonstrates more clearly the differences between the 'haves' and 'have nots' in our society.

This whole thing is assinine.

Renegade Eye said...

You seem surprised that the wealthy get different treatment.

microdot said...

Mr. Renegade, I am not surprised about different standards for the rich and poor.
The obsession with Hilton is a symptom of the disease. The American Mental disease! Trash in = Trash out!