Jun 22, 2007

The Quote Shelf

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If I'd written all the truth I knew for the past ten years, about 600 people - including me - would be rotting in prison cells from Rio to Seattle today. Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism. -- Hunter S. Thompson

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microdot said...

Oh la la...I won't go there.
Mr. Thompsdon destroyed my wife's apartment in New York City back in the early 60's.
She was going to Europe and he was recommended as an nice young writer to sublett the place.
When she got back, he was gone, her possessions had been rescued by a friend who found them in a pile on the sidewalk and there were hundreds of bottles of very bad home made beer stored in the living room and a batch that had gone very bad and was abandoned in the bathtub.
The plaster was ripped off of a few walls........
She moved.