Jun 9, 2007

Rapid Rhetoric: YATAGHAN

Raphael's depiction of Plato defining the difference between true and false rhetoric This is an irregular feature - both in frequency and oddness - dedicated to a word I came across that I have never previously used.

yataghan (YAHT-eh-gahn) n. A sword of Turkish origin with a double-curved, single-edged blade and an eared pommel, but which lacks a handle guard. Also spelled yatagan.

Yataghans were typically used by janissaries and other infantry soldiers, and these swords were smaller and lighter than ordinary swords and scimitars. The yataghan is named after the town of Yatağan in southwest Turkey, although yatagans were also manufactured in most of the major cities in the Ottoman Empire.

The yataghan differs from the scimitar by virtue of the second blade curve, as scimitars have but one.


Anonymous said...

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Stephanie said...


I like the "new" lay-out. How badly does that date me?

I'm blogging again, making the rounds, and going to stick with it.

Little bit surprised you'd post something about Ms. Hilton, but the qualifier works. Though, the judge did send her back. (For some reason the news that comes with my e-mail cares, only reason I know.)

historymike said...

Hey Steph!

Welcome back to the blogosphere, and you will be glad to know that the "new look" is but 12 hours old.

Looking forward to new posts at Parenting...

Stephanie said...

Oooo good, then my compliments are timely! The reminiscence to the yellow brick road is very nice, though I'm not sure that's what you were going for. Though, I certainly can envision you as the wizard giving us a peek behind the current of the various news-factories out there!

Intentional metaphor or not, I like it!

Oh, and while I do intend to post something on to HazPas (if Blogger will be so kind as to stop kicking me out), I will only be to direct old friends to my new site. Once I get this last week of classes out of the way, I'm hoping to finally do that Neurodiversity series.

Stephanie said...

"a peek behind the current"

Is supposed to be "a a peek behind the curtain."