Jun 18, 2007

The Return of Premium Posts

A semi-regular feature in which I link the most intriguing blog posts I came across this week. Part roundup, part link love, with the ultimate goal to simply increase awareness of the work of some excellent bloggers I have met.

I fell behind on Premium Posts, and I promise to catch up and keep this a more regular feature. No jokes about Metamucil, please.

University of Michigan professor and noted Middle East analyst Juan Cole has a thoughtful post on the PKK and Turkey that is must reading. I already linked it once, but Mike's Points has an excellent post on the Google's efforts to attack paid links that raises some important questions.

Humboldt'sClio examines the issue of parallelism in history and fate that made my tired brain cells holler today. Feathers, fur, and dust are all flying at Glass City Jungle over the issue of trying juveniles as adults and perceptions of the privileged buying better justice (can you say Paris Hilton, anyone?)

Matt Sussman at the Futon Report wonders why the clubhouse fight between Roman Colon and Jason Karnuth over an iPod was ignored for so long by the Toledo Blade. Finally, Hooda-Thunkit asks the tough questions about Brookside’s crooked Medicaid billings. And one last item - if you are looking around for bathroom vanities, check out this link to HomeLivingStyle.com.


Got a post you'd like to recommend? Email me at mbrooks AT utnet DOT utoledo DOT edu.


Stephanie said...

I enjoyed your references. Especially the post about fate, where I actually left a comment and might make a post of it. I'll be sure to credit you both if I do.

And, of course, you could always link to me. Not that I've written anything particularly exceptional yet, but maybe after I get my "sea" legs back...

Just be sure to do that none-returning-thingy if you do.

historymike said...

Oh, sure, Steph - this is as much sharing the PageRank wealth as it is finding the greatest posts ever.

And I typically use the "Rel=No Follow" tag on sites that really don't need any link love, like major news services or A-list bloggers.

My B-list, C-List, and everyone down to Z-list friends I usually throw some links out, if only for the goodwill value.

Especially those who visit, comment, and link back. It's all about reciprocation...

Hooda Thunkit said...

Thank ye kindly for the mention Mike ;-)