Jun 20, 2007

Saving Money on Utility Bills

(Toledo, OH) Our first electric bill has arrived in this, the summer we have enacted a domestic ban on air conditioning in our home, and the results are encouraging. Our electric consumption dropped from an average of 57 kilowatts per day in June 2006 to a mere 42 kilowatts per day in 2007.

This occurred despite the fact that the average daily temperature was seven degrees higher this year than last year, so I am assuming that we would have used even more electricity in 2007 had we kept those mothballed air conditioners in action.

We are certainly on pace to save at least $130 a month on electricity this summer, and - coupled with our decision to hang our laundry on the clothesline - we are ahead of our goal to save $500 on utilities this summer. Add to this the gallant soul who sent me $40 via PayPal last week in a random act of kindness, and my summer of underemployment is looking rosier.

Still, I had hoped we might break the elusive $100 barrier in total electricity costs this month. We still have areas for improvement, like the kids who leave on the LCD monitor or the television set when no one is using these items, but we'll take whatever savings we can scrounge.

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Hooda Thunkit said...

That picture brings memories of a rant I once had about burying our utilities.

If there was a picture to emphasize the concept, this would be it.