Jun 28, 2007

Slap in the Face: Blair to Become a "Peace Envoy"

Let me get this straight, and if I am missing something, please chime in:

Tony Blair, second only to U.S. President George W. Bush as a champion of the bloody debacle known as the Iraq War, is about to become an "envoy for Mideast peace".


Blair's new job after resigning as British Prime Minister will be to represent the so-called Mideast Quartet: the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations. Blair will purportedly "focus on ways to strengthen Palestinian institutions for a future Palestinian state."

I would laugh out loud about the irony and idiocy of appointing Blair as a "peace envoy" were the stakes not already so high. Having Blair oversee peace in the Middle East is like having Jeffrey Dahmer conduct autopsies on Milwaukee cadavers.

Macabre humor aside, this arrogant decision is an insult to the British military personnel who have died as a result of Blair's support for this colossally stupid war - not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi civilians - and his appointment will likely generate waves of protest throughout the Muslim world. Moreover, just how seriously can Blair be perceived by political players in the Middle East when this war hawk is one of the people most responsible for much of the destabilized mess in the region, and his support for the Iraq War was one of the reasons for his forced resignation?


Anonymous said...

HM said:

"Having Blair oversee peace in the Middle East is like having Jeffrey Dahmer conduct autopsies on Milwaukee cadavers."

LMAO - go write for the Daily Show!!

historymike said...

(bows to anonymous)

Thanks - the line came to me in a vision.

Man with the Muck-rake said...

No, you are not missing anything. It is the same recipe the Bush Administration uses: spin, cover, dodge, and a dash of propaganda.

Anonymous said...

It's like a story in The Onion.

Probably when Cheney leaves office, he'll be head of the ACLU.

Historychic said...

This guy screws up every peace process that he touches, i.e. Northeastern Ireland.

historymike said...


It almost boggles the mind that Bush & Co. think this is a smart move.

historymike said...

(laughing, hollowly, at the Cheney/ACLU/Onion bit)

historymike said...


And yet Blair has a bit of Teflon, not unlike Reagan, in that nothing seems to stick to him very well.

microdot said...

This is just the tip of Blairs "golden parachute".
Why did he make so many supposedly legacy damning decisions?
A guaranteed seat in the Valhalla of International Scoundrels, On the board of the Carlyle Group!
That's where the real power is.