Jun 25, 2007

Update on Blog Gas Contest

Left: Speedway station at Secor and Laskey, Thursday May 24, 2007

This is a quick update on our contest on gas prices, which is into its second month. Contestants are bidding for a $20 Speedway gas card that I am awarding to the person closest to the highest pump price between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

So far the highest price I have seen for 87 octane is $3.46 which occurred in late May (I can't remember the date; sue me). If I think about it I'll throw in some logo pens or something for the runners-up.

Here are the contestants and their entries:

Suss (Toledo) - $1.00 (thought he was on "Price is Right")
Michael (Toledo) - $3.59
Screaming Nutcase (Toledo) - $3.65
Kooz (Toledo) - $3.69
Jaan Kanellis (Toledo) - $3.76
Kurt (Toledo) - $3.79
Roo (Toledo) - $3.89
Historymike (guessing, but not eligible) $3.89
MadJack (Toledo) - $3.99
Historychic (Toledo) - $4.01
Humboldt's Clio (New Mexico bound) - $4.09
Darkseid (Toledo) - $4.09
Linda P. (Toledo) - $4.10
JD (San Antonio) - $4.19
Timothy (Toledo) - $4.24
MAF (California) - $4.49 (premium - I'll chop off a dime)
Kat (Toledo) - $4.50
Microdot (France) - $6.24

So, to date it looks like the low-bidders are in the driver's seat (pun intendeded), although all we need is a nasty hurricane or a couple of Iraqi pipelines to blow to send oil skyrocketing. If I skipped anyone, let me know and I'll update the entries above.

Me? I just bought a used 1995 Hyundai to take the edge off of my gas bills. 30 MPG in the city and 40 MPG on the highway sounds good to me, even if the machine has no air conditioning.


Anonymous said...

I had a bad case of that blog gas once. Beano helped.


mist1 said...

Good gravy! All of a sudden, I feel like gas is cheap here in the Dirty South. I'm going to go drive around, just for the hell of it.

microdot said...

Ah bon?....even if I reversed my figures I would still be one of the high bidders! Perhaps I could keep my price for next years contest?
Of course we still have a little more thatn two months and things could still go a little more awry!