Jun 24, 2007

Why Was I Dreaming of Mayfield, Texas?

I woke up this morning with vivid recollections of a nightmare I dreamt last night. The particulars of the dream are unimportant, revolving around some of my neuroses, but central to the mental narrative was a city in which the nightmare occurred: Mayfield, Texas.

Prior to this dream I had never heard of this place, and the only Mayfield I can recall is the fictional city in the old television program Leave It to Beaver. So I woke with a determination to find out why this place in the middle of nowhere entered my head in the dark hours of the night.

The first permanent settlers arrived to the Texas panhandle in what would become Mayfield in 1865, and at one point there were 278 students in the local school. By the 1980s Mayfield began to disappear from maps, and there were only twelve Mayfield residents as of the 2000 census, and I am assuming that the area is bereft of condo hotels or other signs of a booming tourist trade.

No help there; that leaves me with only the Beaver reference, or perhaps the Everytown-sounding quality of the name "Mayfield" as sources of inspiration for the location elucidated in my dream.

Or maybe my overactive imagination - churning terrifying thoughts for which my somnolent self could not turn off - simply created the name as a convenient setting for the tormenting story that continues to unsettle me even in my conscious state.

Unless this, too, is a dream...


Anonymous said...

I suspect you were dreaming of Mayfield because your subconscious was churning about the destruction of our rights (see your recent posts). Remember Brandon Mayfield?

Lisa Renee said...

Mike, congratulations are in order!

you made the list!

NWO Represents!


Stephanie said...

I had strange dreams as well.

Stranger still was the impression I've been having that if/when we move, it should be to Toledo. Does Toledo have business jobs?

Stephanie said...

Hey, Lisa, you're at the top! Congrats to you both!!!

historymike said...


Maybe, although I haven't consciously thought of Brandon Mayfield in months.

historymike said...

Lisa Renee:

Thanks for the update. Glass City Jungle is number one on BNN, and LCS #9 at PPP. You rock!

historymike said...

Those WERE strange dreams, Steph. Mine was more about some deep-seated fears.

And Toledo? In the middle of the Rust Belt? Not much in the way of employment opportunities here. The biggest employment news here (besides the unemployment rate) is the opening of the area's first Costco store, and tons of people are lining up for a shot to win the Costco employment lottery.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I hadn't thought about him in months either -- but when I saw your headline, he was the first thing I thought of. The Texas part could be GWB.

Stephanie said...

"...the opening of the area's first Costco store..."

Ugh. That sounds like Janesville, i.e. the (lack of) employment opportunities we would be fleeing from; except our new big store was Wal-Mart.

Just goes to show the weight of dreams...