Jun 18, 2007

Your Basic Redneck Campfire

(Taylor, MI) No, this is not a pile of junk, folks. This is a carefully-designed domestic appendage, a circular array of eclectic furniture and conflagratory materials in a rustic exterior setting.

Yes, folks - this here's your basic redneck campfire pit.

Several minivan bucket seats join an oversized truck tire in a semicircle around the fire proper. Pieces of scrap metal line the pit; safety first, don't you know, and a truck rack provides storage for essential whatnots, like fire pokers and such.

Entertainment is chiefly provided by the roar of airplanes overhead, lying as this property does under one of the flight paths of Detroit Metro Airport.

A wheelbarrow offers easy access and transport for combustible materials, such as branches, scrap wood, and old newspapers, as well as any trips back to the house to lug the necessary cases of beer and bags of potato chips across this acre of exurban Detroit property.

A fella could get pretty winded, I reckon.

Jobs are kind of scarce 'round here, and nature's beauty is infringed upon by a truck yard to the east and a gravel works to the south, but that's no reason for the living to be hard. Grab a seat on that there Astrovan chair, mister, and poke that fire.


Anonymous said...

Any possum on that bar-be-que?


historymike said...

None that I saw. Looks like your basic settin' and talkin' kind of fahr-place.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Kinda upper classy with thuh wheel borry and all, doncha think?

Sure would be nice if'n thar wuz some possum or squirrell tho ;-)