Jul 7, 2007

Another Good Dog Finds a Happy Home

Pictured on your left is Mortimer J. Snerd, better known as "Morty," who is a miniature black poodle we have been fostering for the past month. We had to bid a tearful goodbye to Morty today, as he was formally adopted by a kind family in Perrysburg.

This goodbye was especially difficult for us, as Morty bonded well with our family. He loves being around people, and would follow me all over the house when I was home alone. Morty especially loved my wife, though, and he used to sit at the window and keep an eye out for her if she left to run errands.

Still, it is rewarding to know that we helped keep another dog from being euthanized, and also that we helped bring together a loving family and a dog. We have been working with Planned Pethood, an all-volunteer organization that rescues dogs and cats picked up by county agencies in Northwest Ohio.

For more information on pet adoption, see The Toledo Area Humane Society, Planned Pethood, or Petfinder.com.