Jul 9, 2007

Calling for a General Strike against the Iraq War

As a historian I am always intrigued by the parallels between the present and the past. While doing some research on the topic of general strikes, I came across a website touting the same concept, but with a timely twist: a general strike for peace.

Fed up with a Bush administration that stubbornly and stupidly stands behind its failed war, and a spineless Congress that refuses to take any meaningful action against the Iraq War, the organizers of this protest are calling for a nationwide general strike on September 21, 2007:
On 21 September 2007 we will not work and we will not spend. We will demonstrate against war. Join us. Show your support for peace. Don’t work. Don’t spend.
Yes, some of you will have some difficulty embracing a tactic of political expression that has traditionally been used by groups on the left. It is not necessary for you to grab a placard and picket the White House; just stay home that day and pray, meditate, or perhaps donate your time to support injured veterans.

I think the time is right to send such a statement to Washington, as an overwhelming majority of Americans are now against the Iraq war. Moreover, even diehard Republican politicians are calling for President Bush to admit this colossal mistake and bring home the troops.

Finally, the ultimate way to get the attention of a nation's leaders is in the pocketbook. If millions of Americans express their discontent with the bloody debacle known as the Iraq War by not working and not spending, a loud message will be delivered to President Bush and Congress.

Mark it on your calendar and spread the word.


Man with the Muck-rake said...

Oh, yes, the time is ripe, way past ripe, closer to rotting.

It will be interesting, Mike, to see whether the American electorate is still asleep through the propaganda techniques of the neocons or whether they are awake.

The subject of actually taking action, well, that's a horse of another color altogether.

historymike said...

Agreed, MWTMR, that the warmongers have been very effective with propaganda efforts.

Nice new avatar, by the way.

MP said...

I'll go ahead and call you a liberal pinko hippie who wants the terrorists to win, just to hopefully pre-empt and spare you from more stupid anonymous posters who do the same.

You know that I really don't feel that way, so I'm allowed to do this.

Anonymous said...

I see the local anarchists are promoting this event as well (www.myspace.com/octoberfifteenth).

Hopefully this protest will catch on.

historymike said...

(smarting from MP's "pinko commie" comments)

Ouch. That kinda hurt.


historymike said...

Thanks for the anarcho link, anonymous.

-Sepp said...

"Finally, the ultimate way to get the attention of a nation's leaders is in the pocketbook."

A general strike won't take one cent away from a politician.