Jul 18, 2007

Debut of News Site - "The Final Edition"

I received an email today from an anonymous source touting the launching of a news site called The Final Edition. The author requested anonymity in part because the site will feature news that might bring the operators harm from powerful figures.

With the motto of "1 Candle - 1 Journalist - 1 Flame," the developers of The Final Edition note that "Greed and political power never changes ... it simply changes hands and handlers."

I look forward to seeing what gets posted on the site. To address in advance any questions, I have no connection whatsoever with The Final Edition, and I am providing a link to the site out of curiosity and in the spirit of cooperation.


Anonymous said...

No stories there yet.

They need to learn how to spell messenger.

Man with the Muck-rake said...

I emailed the author/site owner and received this return mail:

Perhaps, the web site, blog and a podcast will help unfold a sordid cross-county political story that should have found its way into the light years ago. But, then again the credibility of a journalist is always at best ... questionable.

The facts will be laid out with proof and the jury will be the audience that views it. Hopefully, my job as a local journalist will be done and my candle can finally be blown out ... for this story.

The anticipation is mounting.

historymike said...


Eh. Spelling, schmelling - I don't get too worked up about it, but you raise a good point about first impressions.

historymike said...


I share your anticipation about the wild tales this person has to tell.

Anonymous said...

Nor do I generally get my panties in a twist about spelling, but this is someone who's claiming to be a journalist. It shakes the foundation of my trust in whatever s/he eventually posts if basics like spelling aren't checked.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting is that the above "individual" focuses upon a single word in an entire web page to inform us that the very essence of their trust is already shaken. I can surf over to the Blade and other newspaper sites and find a multitude of spelling and editing errors (including altered photographs) begging to be noticed and corrected.

Perhaps, we should mistrust all newspapers with grammatical errors, etc. News stories generally are written by a reporter then passed forward to an editor for review and correction. So, I am curious how a major newspaper retracts spelling errors, punctuation, etc. in their print editions. I guess there must be a follow-up correction box for such mistrusting, misleading, and noteworthy items.

Discrediting the entire site for one spelling error is absurd, unless the motive to discredit such site for this blatant spelling abuse is less than honorable. Perhaps, this negative-charging “individual” can also help other sites perfect their spelling to keep and maintain public trust.

I do see the so-noted word corrected on the site referenced. Obviously, the site is monitored by someone that actually cares enough about the triviality of a misspelled word to change it.

Any journalist that comes forward with a credible and note worthy news story with documentation is a breath of fresh air. Pre-judging any journalist via a one-word spelling mishap only makes a fool out of the “individual” who equates trust and credible journalism with an obvious error.

There really is nothing more to say about routine spelling errors that even the best journalists and editors make. Get over it.