Jul 8, 2007

Here Comes the Heat

(Toledo, OH) We in Northwest Ohio are gearing up for what should be the hottest day of the summer so far. The deadly heat wave out West that has set records for temperatures will be arriving here today.

The forecast is calling for a high temperature of 97, with heat index radings in the 100s. The record high for July 8 in these parts is 101 degrees Fahrenheit, which we are unlikely to hit. The heat will also exacerbate conditions from the 2007 drought, which has hurt Ohio farmers. In my area, June precipitation was down over two inches from normal, and we recieved only 42% of the average rainfall for the month. This comes after a dry May, which saw this area receiving just .66 inches of rain in amonth that normally receives on average about 3.5 inches.

Anyways, if you are in an area with high temperatures today, be sure to drink plenty of water, stay out of the direct sun as much as possible, and limit strenuous activities until this heat wave passes.


Stephanie said...

Do you have an upper-limit for that air conditioner? An agreed upon tempture where you'll turn it on? Or, are you going to bear the brunt of the heat-wave without that benefit?

Valerie said...

stay out of the direct sun as much as possible

Oh, sure... NOW you tell me. AFTER I've been sitting out in left field at Comerica Park. ;)

Lisa Renee said...

Probably because you blogged about it, it didn't get that hot. We are still surviving over here without air conditioning. Though it was a bit warm this morning when I was baking...


historymike said...


Last night we wavered. It only got down to about 71, and in my upstairs bedroom it was about 10 degrees warmer.

I had the fan blowing on me, but I suspect I only got about four hours worth of actual sleep.

I am dreading tonight...

historymike said...


Whew! What a hot day to see a ball game. I'd have been whining by the second inning.

historymike said...

Lisa Renee:

Yes, like a cyber-Murphy's Law. I hope that my post will also slow down the heat today.

Stephanie said...

It seems that same heatwave is aimed towards us as well. We had rain today, though and that supposed to keep us relatively cool for one more day.

We have the air-con on, and the upstairs is still at least 10 degrees hotter (or cooler, depending on the season). With the boys, unconditioned air is just too dangerous. How do you explain to a non-verbal child that they have to stop jumping and moving and running, and drink more water, or else they are going to get sick? The theory that they'll do it because their bodies need it has not proved true, even for our NT child.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Have you ever thought about installing a whole house fan Mike?

I installed one years ago and we use it on dry heat days/nights, when moving air is enough to give relief.

We usually save the air conditioner for the muggy days like we're having now (7/17-???).

The whole house fan will do wonders for 2 story houses.