Jul 7, 2007

I Have Been Virtually Tagged

Image representing the game of blog tag I was tagged by KLKatz at the US History Site Blog, and I am keeping alive this virtual game of tag. This is actually of great benefit to me, as the 90-degree heat 'round here amidst our domestic ban on air conditioning this summer has me in a lazy mood, and I was without anything worthwhile to post.

These are the rules:

1. Let others know who tagged you.
2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

Here, then, are random facts about me that have not already been covered in my blog biography.

1. I have a permanent cap on one of my front teeth after driving my bicycle into a parked car in 1977, flying over the handlebars, and smashing my face on said stationary vehicle. Don't ask.

2. A friend once gave me Ralph Nader's personal fax number. I have never used it.

3. I once played guitar in a rock band called "The Bottom Line," composed entirely of fellow employees from Joe Louis Arena. Our biggest gig was playing a corporate function at the Fox Theater in 1989; I then moved to Toledo and my career as a rock star ended.

4. I can crack nearly every joint in my body.

5. I once engaged in dueling karaoke with Tom Noe, he of Coingate fame. It was at a Father-Daughter dance at the school at which both of our daughters attended. I sang "Yesterday," by the Beatles, and I received a solid round of applause (yes, I rock on karaoke). Noe, though, was quite the karaoke tactician; this was weeks after 9/11, and he chose to sing "New York, New York." I still think I was the better singer, but the crafty Tom Noe's choice of songs brought down the house.

6. I was born to parents who were Baptist and Episcopalian, and who settled on Presbyterianism as a compromise. I attended a Lutheran school for a few years, and then went to a Catholic high school. I dabbled in Eastern religions during the mid-1980s, curious with the mysticism in some interpretations of Buddhism and Taoism. My wife and I were married in a Unitarian-Universalist Church, I converted to Catholicism in 1987, and I frequently get accused by neo-Nazis of being a Jew ("HistoryKike" is their favorite attempt at an attack... oy vey!)

7. After losing my wallet while living in Texas, I once talked my way onto a plane at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport with no ID (I did have my ticket). This, of course, was pre-9/11, but I still consider this my finest moment of smooth-talking.

8. At the age of 16 I received a ticket for riding on the trunk of a moving vehicle. I didn't mind the fine, but I thought it was total bullshit that I got two points on my still-new driving record for a non-driving offense.

Now that I have emptied my closet of dusty skeletons, I will now tag the following bloggers: Hooda Thunkit, Stephanie, Humboldt's Clio, Historychic, Screaming Nutcase, The Man with the Muck-rake, MP, and Microdot.


Anonymous said...

Why were you riding outside a car, Mike? Inquiring minds got to know.


historymike said...

Let's see:

We were trying to push a car home from Pine Knob to Detroit on Telegraph Road. I sat in/on the trunk as a human bumper, sticking my legs out to cushion the bumping of the cars.

We got all the way to Maple and Telegraph (about 10 miles) before a West Bloomfield cop pulled us over. I got a ticket, the girl steering the broken-down car (or "pushee") got a ticket, but the guy driving the car with power (or "pusher") got off scot-free.

historymike said...

And yes - alcohol was a factor in my decision-making.


Anonymous said...

Just curious Mike -- you mentioned that you converted to catholicism in 1987. Did your wife convert as well?

historymike said...

Nope - my wife is a lifelong Cathoic, and she was my reason for conversion.

Anonymous said...

You could get good money for that fax number on eBay. I'm just sayin'...

Stephanie said...

Okay, it's up. It took me two days and way too much thought, but I did it.

You know, most of the interesting things about me are already posted somewhere.

The Screaming Nutcase said...

Mine's up too.

Robin Edgar said...

"My wife and I were married in a Unitarian-Universalist Church, I converted to Catholicism in 1987, and I frequently get accused by neo-Nazis of being a Jew ("HistoryKike" is their favorite attempt at an attack... oy vey!)"

Most ironically if you were in Germany those neo-Nazis might be Unitarians. . . At least if we are lend some credence to allegations made by German anti-fascist and anti-racist groups that the German Unitarian religious community was subverted by Nazi ideologues following WWII and that their influence persisted up to the 1990s or longer. . . Just Google - Deutsche Unitarier Nazis - to find many web sites making these allegations. Most are in the German language however.

Historychic said...

I posted my response on my blog. However, I don't know eight people who blog so I had to break that rule. (Head hanging down in shame)