Jul 20, 2007

Interesting Thread on Voting, IDs, and Voter Fraud

I do not wish to recap all of the interesting ideas being developed in this thread, especially since I have to crank out a lengthy essay and several smaller writing projects in the next seven days, but I enjoyed the banter in this exchange at Toledo Talk on voter fraud and IDs at ToledoTalk.com.

I weighed in with a few comments, mostly in the spirit of playing devil's advocate, or perhaps to assuage the latent libertarian and anarchist streaks in me. Anyways, read on and keep the exchange of ideas going.

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Anonymous said...

Recent news stories about the Bush admin tinkering with the report on voter fraud and the voter-suppression info that has come out related to the US attorney firings tells me that photo IDs are the solution to a problem that doesn't exist. All they do is put a stumbling block in the way of a certain segment of Americans who want to exercise their right to vote.