Jul 23, 2007

On Grudgingly Becoming an iPod User

Despite my previous concerns about iPods and the decline in human interaction, I have become a member of the electronically isolated world. My wife picked up a 20 GB iPod on eBay for a ridiculously low price, and I now have the ability to create a soundtrack for every waking moment in my life (hyperbole alert).

Still, there is something to be said for both commercial-free media and the ability to listen to music that can inspire you. As I write this post, the random iPod generator switched from REM's "Radio Free Europe" to Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." Where else on the planet can you find this sort of variety?

And the iPod is certainly a more efficient use of my time than rummaging through my CDs to look for the music I crave, as my teenagers - who generally consider me to be quite clueless in most matters - nonetheless raid with annoying frequency my CD collection. I once owned every major release of the Beatles on CD, but at the present moment Revolver, Help!, and Let it Be have grown legs and disappeared.

Thus, it is with a combination of reluctance and anticipation that I join the rest of the world's iPoddians, but if I start seeing Neo and Morpheus skulking around in black leather trenchcoats, rambling about DNA and matrices, I'm out of here.


Mad Jack said...

My brother, Shotgun Bob, gave me the 80 Gig model for my birthday last year. My entire music collection is now on the Ipod with about 50 Gig to spare.

CDs do have a tendency to walk away (I borrowed it... you didn't want it, did you?) but once you copy them to your Ipod and back up your collection, you're kind of home free.

Anyway, welcome to the pod. You'll be happier here. Trust me.

HumboldtsClio said...

I really didn't care about ipods until I realized how inconvenient it was trying to haul around and buy batteries for my mother's old cd player- not to mention how quickly the same 20 songs got old. I have to say, when Steve bought me my first Shuffle, it was definitely a welcome gift!

historymike said...

I have about 18 GB so far on myiPod, MadJack.

historymike said...

Agreed about the efficiency and convenience, HumboldtsClio.

The Screaming Nutcase said...

I listen to a lot of bands you can't hear on the radio, making an MP3 player more important to me than to some. When you replace it, though, I heavily recommend Creative's products over the iPod...I can actually replace my own battery without voiding my warranty or using tools (I could even carry spares!). :)