Jul 26, 2007

Possible Return of Neo-Nazis to Toledo

Dowtown Toledo, OH as seen from the High-Level Bridge A site that promotes itself as "The Best Pro-White Group in Kentucky" is announcing that the neo-Nazi group ANSWP will be rallying in Toledo August 17.

ANSWP stands for the American National Socialist Workers Party, and it is headed by Bill White, who was once one of the leading lights of the National Socialist Movement before the breakup of the NSM in 2006. White was also the architect of the failed 2005 rally that sparked the North Toledo riot.

Here is the text of the post from the website purporting to speak for the Kentucky branch of ANSWP:
N**gers, beware – the ANSWP is coming to your city on August 17th. People are getting sick of your primitive behavior. Unlike the average white too coward to speak up, the ANSWP are not them. We will march in your town and you won’t stop us.
Odd, though, that the group is picking a Friday for a protest, although there have been murmurings of another ANSWP rally in Michigan on Saturday, August 18. Perhaps the group is planning a mini-tour of the Midwest, and loading up their dingy minivans for a weekend full of race-baiting, roadside diners, and cheap motels.

Or perhaps this is just another of those moments of bluster and fascist bravado that never pan out. ANSWP rallies, in general, have managed to attract few attendees, as the majority of NSM members remained with the original group. White's online ANSWP Yahoo group lists 354 members, but there is no telling how many of those avatars are antifa or law enforcement keeping watch.

Typically ANSWP "events" consist of one- or two-man protests, or the passing out of flyers on streetcorners or in mailboxes. A much-ballyhooed ANSWP event in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine district failed after the disclosure that state leader Justin Boyer is wanted on an arrest warrant for domestic violence in the state of Washington. The word on the street is that White did not want to be seen with a pathetic turnouut, and called off the march.

At any rate, I will continue to pass along on this site any information that gets forwarded to me. Feel free to leave any additional information in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

300 cops on overtime to protect a dozen lunatics. YAYYYY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tell you what: Do the world a favor and put NO cops out there. Those goose-stepping idiots would get the shiatt kicked out of 'em, and everybody'd be happy. Except the Nutsies.


Historychic said...

Hopefully they stay the hell away from T-town.

Man with the Muck-rake said...

If it is true, then Toledo needs to make preparations and conduct pre-emptive lessons in how to tolerate such an ignorant knot of bigots. I would hope that the local media would take a pass on covering it, but, of course, they won't.

Roo said...

Mike - Thanks for sharing this information....I think.

I am guessing that Mr. White did not appreciate his lack of notoriety after the last go-round so he figures he will make another attempt.

Hooo-hummmm This crap gets so old...and it still stinks.


historymike said...

AAnonymous #1:

Agreed that the city will likely have to spend valuable resources and quite a bit of money to protect these clowns.

historymike said...


That sounds like a Texas response.


Unfortunately, though, the Nazis have an equal right to protection, just like every other citizen. I am also not willing to promote vigilante justice, though I must admit a visceral fondness for the concept of Louisville Slugger vengeance.

historymike said...


Yes, and you live in an area that Bill White and his supporters might want to visit with their shiny jackboots.

historymike said...


Tough call on the media. At what point does covering these bozos simply constitute free publicity for their racist ideology?

I know that I, for one, will not give them much advance attention if they show up next month. While I do not feel responsible for the violence of 15 October 2005, I know that my daily, multi-post coverage in the weeks before the riot provided Bill White with a ton of hype.

It's better to be on hand if trouble breaks out - or to report that a couple of swastika-wearing loons saluted each other to a crowd of zero - than it is to feed into the Nazi desire for pre-event publicity.

historymike said...


Agreed. This gets very old, very quickly.

That is one of the reasons I write so little about the racist right on this blog any more. They repeat the same stupid chants, and parrot the same racist mantras, and their shock value wears off quickly.

I must admit to a lack of awareness of how the neo-Nazis operated when they first came to Toledo in 2005, but after watching them at a few rallies, it's like watching reruns of a boring soap opera. You know the characters, you know the dialogue, and you know how the show will end.

Mad Jack said...

I'm with JD. Let the cops take a holiday and see what happens. The news media will eat it up.

microdot said...

How can you cope with these idiots?
Obviously to deny them their freedom of expression would be exactly what they want.
To let them demonstrate and provoke is what they want as well.
If there was a counter demonstration that was so ridiculous....
because they are a bunch of chicken shit bullies at heart.

I say hand out paste on hitler mustaches to the entire crowd and let the street theater begin!

MP said...

One of the things I used to respect about Toledo and its leaders was its fighting spirit. I think that's one of the reasons that people respected Carty. Whether it won or lost its point, Toledo was going to fight you about it. Citizens of Toledo were stubborn, proud fighters, and you were expected to respect that.

This reputation has come back to haunt Toledo countless times (see: Golden Corral Mother's Day Incident, Toledo Riots, Entire Finkbeiner mayorship since last election).

The only question now is can it be stopped. The only answer appears to be no.

Mad Jack said...

Certainly the rally can be stopped. Neatly, too. Hold a competitive rally on the same day. Have music, carnival activities for the kids and free beer for the adults. No one will show up for the Nazi rally, which is a major defeat for a group like that.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I also find the idea of the Texas response somewhat appealing ;-)

moved out of "city proper" said...

The north end, was always the polish area, in days gone by.... Clean well kept up homes, and shop keepers, with tidy, small businesses, many family owned.. Then, in the 70 s trouble started.. Now it is a magnet, to thugs, shootings gangs, rapes, murders, vacant homes, FELONS, and just plain, Toledo s finest low life..How anyone could "take up for thugs", Ill never know.. Trouble didnt start, til they moved in....Now look at the place........ Cant get a dime, for your house either......

Anonymous said...

if no one turns out to watch your protest what would it accomplish, but NO all the wanttobe gangsta's have turn out and show there force as well, or show something as the again will most likely turn own their own 'hoods'