Jul 20, 2007

Saving More Money on Utility Bills

(Toledo, OH) Our second electric bill has arrived in this, the summer we have enacted a domestic ban on air conditioning in our home, and the results continue to be encouraging. Our electric consumption dropped from an average of 61 kilowatts per day in June 2006 to a 48 kilowatts per day in July 2007.

This represents a little more than a 20 percent reduction, or nearly 350 KW chopped off of our monthy usage.

We are on pace to save about $100 a month on electricity this summer, and - coupled with our decision to hang our laundry on the clothesline - we continue to stay ahead of our goal to save $500 on utilities this summer. We racked up some huge electric bills in August and September of 2006, so I anticipate even higher savings in the next two bills.

My worries about entering another summer of underemployment, though justified, have not matched reality. Between budget cutting, odd jobs, and a flurry of June blog ads, we have not had to dip into our savings.


Historychic said...

That is great news!

HumboldtsClio said...

I think its great that you guys have saved so much money! I am so encouraged when people stand up to the societal pressures of consumption.

I am also living my weekdays without air conditioning, and its absolutely miserable. I've heard the weather in Ohio has been pretty temperate though, so I'm sure that helps. :)

Hooda Thunkit said...


You are truly blessed to have savings, as that is a foreign concept to so many.

They are content just to consume, consume, consume, following and participating in all of the latest fads, and racking up huge amounts of senseless personal debt.

Aesop would have had a field day if he were alive today ;-)

Winter is coming. . .