Jul 25, 2007

A Termite Tale

When I was a retail business owner I bought some units that were owned by another franchisee, and in passing they mentioned that I would want to "keep up the termite spraying" at one of the stores. Having never previously experienced the phenomeon of termite infestation, I filed this piece of information in the back of my head.

Unfortuately, I did not follow the advice, and I got a call from a panicked employee one day that the termites were swarming. When I got there I couldn't believe my eyes; the critters had infested the south wall of my building, and were buzzing all over the store. After $1,000 in repairs and two days being closed, we reopened, and I was much the wiser.

Homeowners and property owners need to keep aware of the dangers of termites and their ability to destroy a real estate investment. Follow the above link to learn more about ways in which you can take control of termites before they eat the wood that keeps your building together. This was a sponsored post.

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