Aug 3, 2007

Aquafina Alive: I've Tasted Better Aquarium Water

Bottle of Aquafina AliveI just finished a bottle of a new beverage called Aquafina Alive, which bills itself as "Wellness Water." I chose the product from a selection of bottled waters this morning because I was looking for something non-caffeinated, as I had already consumed enough coffee to get me jittery.

I was also intrigued by the addition of vitamins E, B6, B12, and niacin, thinking the additional nutrients might be useful in combatting my occasional overindulgence in fried foods.

Unfortunately, the product tasted like the remnants of a glass of iced juice left out in the sun all afternoon. There is a slight hint of fruit, as Aquafina Alive contains five percent juice, and then you get hit with that bitter, cotton-mouthed tang of Aspartame, which is used to "sweeten" this forgettable drink.

I ended up going to get a glass of water after drinking this swill to wash away the Aspartame. Don't waste your money on this unpleasant product - you would be better off drinking a leftover fast food soft drink that sat overnight in your car. And no - this is not an example of blog advertising.