Aug 18, 2007

Comment Word Verification Back On

As much as I despise the goofy word verification feature of Blogger, I have turned it on for the moment. In the past 24 hours this site has been overrun with at least 60 spam comments, pushing products from Levitra to Phentermine, and I have spent an annoying amount of time removing the spam from posts up to two years old. I am assuming that this is a spambot, since the poster hits the site and departs in milliseconds.

I'll probably remove the word verification in a day or two when the spambot moves on to another site. It was either that, or start using a pulse oximeter and blood pressure cuff to monitor my physical reactions to the spam attack.


1 comment:

Psycheout said...

I feel for you. We get around 200-600 spam per day. We just had the number of comment spam surpass the number of legitimate comments today.

Oh, and get some free v1aggra. Please do not hold a harm.

LOL. Just kidding!